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 Office of the Bishop                                                                          June 10, 2019

Dear Parishioners of St. Anthony,

Today I wish to announce to you that on September 1, 2019, the mass in the Extraordinary Form (The Latin mass) currently celebrated at St Anthony on Sunday's at 1:00p.m. will move to St. Joseph Parish in Wichita.  Between now and then, a transition team will be at work to make sure this move is done with much care and concern.

I make this announcement after consultation with the Bishop's Leadership Team and with the support of your pastor, Father Ben Nguyen, the current chaplain of the Extraordinary Form Mass, Father John Jirak and Fathers Patrick York and Andrew Bergkamp, parish priests of St. Joseph.

Since my arrival here as bishop, I have desired more and more to make Pope Benedict XVI's vision a greater reality in our diocese in which the two forms of the one mass, the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form enrich each other and becoming fully integrated into a parish community rather than one co-existing with the other.  This will not happen overnight but it is my conviction that this can happen more deeply with the change I am announcing, providing a possible model for full integration of both forms of the mass.

I know that change is not always easy; it involves sacrifice.  I understand that some will react more positively than others to this change but I hope and pray that in time we will all see the fruits of this direction more visibly in the life of our diocesan family.

I wish to thank the parish of St. Anthony, her pastors and all her parishioners for the extraordinary hospitality they have shown over many years to those who desired to celebrate the Mass in the Extrordinary Form.  As your bishop, I am inspired by this gracious sign of Christian hospitality.

To the parish of St. Joseph, her pastors and all her parishioners, I wish to thank them for opening their parish to this new reality, which I ardently hope will bring about the full flourishing of a parish fully alive, celebrating the Mass with both forms, each so noble and so beautiful. 

Last but not least, I wish to thank the many folks near and far who desire to celebrate the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  Your great love for this ancient form of the Mass, your dedication to passing on its beauty and solemnity, and your perseverance during this time of transition is a gift to me, to our priests and to our entire diocese.

Please know of my prayers and blessing as we begin this process of transition. God Bless you all.

Carl A. Kemme

Bishop of Wichita













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